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Samsung Apple monopoly intelligent machine nearly half of the share

(Reporter ancient the Xiaoyu practice Reporter Lin Nan) Yesterday, reporter learned from the global authority data firm IDC released a report, in the second quarter of this year, Samsung and Apple have contributed half of the global market of smartphones, and Chinavendor ZTE is the first time to enter the volume ranked the top five.
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Apple jumped 10 percent, Android decline in the U.S. mobile phone share

July 31, according to foreign media reports, the data released by Strategy Analytics today, the Android in the second quarter in the U.S. smart phone market share dropped to 56 percent, a decrease of 4 points; apples from the second quarter of 2011 23% to 33% in the same period this year.
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IDC: Samsung Apple Q2 sales of smartphones ultra-half

Tencent digital hearing (sunflower Uncle) IDC provides a copy of the latest data show that the global smart phone shipments in the second quarter of 2012 to a new level, reaching 406 million units, an increase of 42%. And in this one, outperformed the market with two companies, Samsung and Apple, which has no doubt, compared to the first quarter of iPhone sales decline, but Apple is clearly not afraid of the sales decline, in accordance with each year a mobile phone the introduction of the law, perhaps the decline in the second quarter will herald the new iPhone gap in the market on this open.
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Foxconn tip-off the iPhone 5 small-scale production

To speculate that in accordance with the autumn release, Apple should have completed testing of a new generation of the iPhone, and into the factory ready for mass production, it is also true after Foxconn has a crazy recruiting for summer jobs, which can also be seen is the signal of mass production of the new iPhone.
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Google Nexus quickly became popular the Amazon outdone push tablet

In the Tablet PC market, Google launched the Nexus 7 can be described as the best in the limelight in the recent period on the Nexus 7 anti-fall water resistance victory over the iPad video out, it is the fame. IPad is not updated, we would expect on the Amazon who hope to launch the new generation Kindle Fire (parameter picture article) and the Nexus 7 to compete
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Google release the search engine handwriting feature is available for mobile phones and tablet pc

Google to push the handwriting search feature for mobile phones and tablet pc
Beijing, July 27 morning news, songbook Valley on Thursday unveiled a search engine’s handwriting search feature, users simply log in through the Tablet PC or smart phone / preferences page, you can set to enable the handwriting search.
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Samsung: if Apple didn’t copy us, an iPhone is not sell

Samsung said that as early as 1991, the company has invented the mobile phone technology can be used for today’s smart phones. The iPhone only available after 16 years, if Apple did not copy the Samsung’s technology, even an iPhone is not sold.
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iPad market share increased to 68% of Android tablet catch up

According to data released Wednesday by Strategy Analytics, the second quarter of this year, the Tablet PC sales worldwide reached 25 million. Apple announced yesterday that the second quarter of this year iPad sales of 17 million, which means that 68% of the iPad occupy the market share of global flat-panel computer.
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Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung release Win8 tablet

Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung release Win 8 tablet (Home Information Center of the phone with map)
The message of July 25, earlier in addition to HP other vendors Announces support Windows-RT platform, Windows RT can not help but feel very helpless. Fortunately, recently, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba and Samsung will also be released before the end of the year based on platform tablet Windows-RT, other manufacturers also plan to the production of this platform in January next year, Microsoft released Windows RT platform, waiting for the Microsoft Authorized products.
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Android 4.0 new aircraft Galaxy Reverb exposure

In early May of this year, Samsung announced a flagship Samsung Galaxy smartphone - Samsung S3 (Galaxy S3), the phone is equipped with quad-core processor and Android 4.0 operating system. And now, a Samsung Galaxy smartphone exposure, it is the model for the Galaxy the Reverb, this phone is also equipped with the Android 4.0 operating system.
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