Security Monitoring Video Camera for TV mobile phone

Product Name: Security Monitoring Video Camera for TV mobile phone
Product ID: KK
MOQ: 500pcs
Product Introduce: TV mobile phone with Security Monitoring Camera
TV mobile phone Monitoring video camera

Product Specification:

Security Monitoring Video Camera use for TV mobile phone, it use TV signal to have the videos. it is a new product. it work very well with TV mobile phone.
any one who has TV mobile phone, that is a very good device for you.
2.0mage camera of this mini Monitoring Video Camera.

Before you use this product , please to read the following notes:
1. This camera is compact and flexible and easy to carry anywhere . it can continuous work up to four hours . it can perform the function of monitoring of the TV mobile phone at anytime and anywhere . There are Charging Indicator light,Power switch Indicator light, 1to 8 channal Distribution , Switch knob,Charging interface, Transmitting antenna on the back of the camera.
2. To enter the working state : open the back switch , dial any band of 1 to 8 , then the power indicator light brighten .
3. Open the phone TV function ,implement the band search . After finish the search ,it will show the monitor screen .At this time .you can save the selected channel in the phone and also can don’t save the channel . if you save the channel ,then next time you can directly access to this channel monitoring and avoid re-search.
4. If you need to view several monitor screen (cann’t view more than 8), it need to deploy corresponding number cameras. At the same time ,the corresponding channels of these cameras cann’t be the same.. To be entering the working state, implement the process of automatically search of the TV phone..After the process finish,if you need to see different screen ,you only need to browse the corresponding different channels of the mobile phone.
5. To save the recorded video file:When the phone and camera to implement the monitoring function,you can choose to store the video file in the TF memory card (the premise is that your TV phone can support video recording function . At present most of TV mobile phone with this video recording function) . As to the detail operation steps ,you can refer to the phone manual . Generally, 2GB and 4GB TF card can record dozens of hours video recording.
6. Febrile phenomena and correct charge way : Because the wireless lanch of the camera , it need a certain power , there will be a normal heat. So the matal chassis is also designed to facilitate heat dissipation. We need to pay attantion to the camera heat dissipation and the camera cann’t be wrapped . Charge way : Turn the switch to “off”, connect with the charger, the charging Indicator light brighten. It will be full after 4 hours charging , and forbid long-term over-charging.

The Notes: Don’t let the power adapter to supply power and support the camera work long-term , otherwise it will make the built-in battery of the camera to be over charged and damaged .

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