Purple jade telephone KK 6191

Product Name: Purple jade telephone KK 6191
Product ID: KK 6191
MOQ: 100pcs
Product Introduce: Antique Telephone
Craft telephone, Jade telephone

China Telephone Specification:

Function: With all function of normal telephone,good sent as a gift
Suit for different countries PTT standard, International standard circuit system
Product Orientation: Gift , Craft, Home Decoration
Type: Cyan Jade Telephone
Bare Phone Specification: 230*230*300mm
Main Material: Yellow Jade and cuprum
40pcs incoming call number dispaly
Clear color flash screen
Color light with music
Sound in every hour
high quality music ring
Adjusting Volume As Your Will

Antique&craft telephone Welcome for OEM, and we can do the CE,FCC, RoHS on your need.

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