Multi-function Mobile Phone Charger

Product Name: Multi-function Mobile Phone Charger
Product ID: KK
MOQ: 500pcs
Product Introduce: Multi-function Charger

Product Specification:

Style:multi phone charger;
Show function: a seven gradual color-changing LED light;
Input: AC100-220V ,50/60Hz;
Output:DC2.8-8.7V ,250mA MAX;
Suitable capacity:200-2000MAH;
Material :plastic ABS

*It is used for most mobile phone batteries
*This multi-functional battery charger & adaptor can be used to charge the capacity under 2000mAh mobile phone or digital camera (L-ion) rechargeable battery.
*It has built-in circuit to control the charging and discharging, which ensures high efficient charging and allows protect security for the battery. It will automatically shut off when the batter is full charged.
*The built-in power switch can cater 100-240V AC municipal power source. It can also be used as adaptor for 12V Car smoke socket and 6-8V solar charger as power supply

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    1. falecaon 11 十二月 2009 at 1:54 下午

      Hi, I have a mini phone T3 but my usb data/charger cable does not work. I need to acquire the usb cable and the Multi-function Mobile Phone Charger. The voltage is for SoutAmerica (110v), I’m in Colombia.

      How much does it cost? What is the procedure to buy?

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