Yongle Started to Sell G3 Netbook in Shanghai

Chinese electronics retailer Yongle started to sell the G3 netbook, a customized convenient notebook developed by China Mobile, in its 63 retail stores in Shanghai from April 23, 2009.

G3 netbook is a kind of ultra-portable notebook which is mainly designed to meet the demands for high-speed wireless surfing. The netbook is equipped with Intel’s Pentium dual-core processor, a small but high-definition LCD screen, a hard disk of a large capacity, and a full-sized keyboard, with a light weight and a size of below 10 inches,

Yongle is reportedly the first electronics retailer in Shanghai to sell the G3 netbooks. A first batch of 10,000 G3 netbooks will be available in its stores. These netbooks are made by mainstream PC makers, including Lenovo, Dell, HP, BenQ, and Asus, and the average prices of these netbooks are between CNY3, 000 and CNY6, 000. About 75% are between CNY3, 000 and CNY4,000 to meet the demands to different consumers.

At the same time, Yongle will cooperate with China Mobile Shanghai branch to launch a promotion activity, providing G3 netbook experiences to consumers.

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