The fourth largest computer maker founder takes the helm

Thursday, Lenovo Group announced its most drastic personnel and strategic changes in the last three years amid the worldwide economic crisis and declining sales.

Change No 1: Liu Chuanzhi, the 65-year-old founding chairman, will return to his old post.
Change No 2: A shift in sales strategy to the domestic market.
Change No 3: A stronger focus on the consumer, rather than corporate, market.
Change No 4: Yang becomes president and chief executive, replacing Bill Amelio, a former Dell executive whose contract with Lenovo has expired.

when the company acquired IBM’s PC division, Liu started Lenovo’s predecessor company 25 years ago and was Lenovo’s chairman until 2005. In the following three years, the company has been remolding itself into an international company and trying hard to expand outside China. Liu said: “Lenovo has grown successfully on the international stage, but at this important time, we want to pay particular attention to our China business as it represents the foundation of our global business and growth strategy.” in a statement issued Thursday.

Yang said Thursday that the China business will make up a bigger share in the company’s total revenue in the short term and that Lenovo would continue to expand in the consumer market. As Lenovo’s largest market, the Chinese mainland contributed 45 percent of total revenue. Although shipments in the mainland declined 1 percent in the third quarter due to the economic slowdown, its overall market share in the region grew 1.8 percentage points to 30.5 percent.

This news is from China electronics manufacturer.

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