Success of China as Tech Supplier

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development recently has published a report, showing that China’s exports of information and communication technology - including laptop computers, mobile phones and digital cameras - increased in 2004 by more than 46 percent to $180 billion, easily outstripping for the first time U.S. exports of $149 billion, which grew 12 percent from 2003.
Figures from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce show that companies that had received overseas investment accounted for almost 90 percent of 2004 exports of high technology products. Another fact should not be avoided. Some leading makers have avoided setting up facilities in China in order to protect their designs and technology. This means that China is still heavily dependent on imports of advanced chips it needs to assemble electronic products.
Most of all, the report is more evidence that China has made progress in its long-term plan to upgrade the capacity of its manufacturing. China’s efforts to impose its own technology standards on a range of consumer products, including cellphones, digital photography and wireless networks, are widely interpreted as a strategy to dominate the global market for information technology goods.
This news is from China electronics manufacturer.

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