RSA eyes on China mainland consumers

Yesterday the United States-based company said RSA plans to develop its consumer market in China this year thanks to demand from Netizens and mobile phone users.

Arthur Coviello, RSA’s president said RSA generated 300 percent revenue growth in the consumer market in China last year. The company aims to expand its online identification, anti-fraud and data-protection services and products, such as technology to protect account information for online bank users, which used to focus on providing security systems for clients such as banks and energy firms,.

yesterday Coviello said in Shanghai “China is a market we can’t neglect and we see huge demand here,” China has 300 million Internet users and more than 600,000 million mobile phone users.

Coviello said Online fraud is becoming more sophisticated, which calls for security systems to evolve constantly. RSA’s products are currently used to protect the confidential information of more than 10 million users worldwide.In 2006, investment in IT security reached US$35 billion globally, or 3 percent of all IT spending. In 2009, the figure will reach US$50 billion, or 5 percent of the total spending.

This news is from China electronics manufacturer.

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