Online Shopping in China Unicom

Recently there is good news for users of China Unicom. China Unicom opens online shopping for its customer to buy phone cards and tariff packages on its homepage. China Unicom users can select their favorite numbers and different levels of tariff packages such as GPRS traffic packages, SMS packages, MMS packages and local call packages on the web by logging onto the company On-line Business Hall ( Both pre-paid cards like Ru Yi Tong or the Up Power and post-paid ones like the World Wind are provided. China Unicom Online Business Hall released nearly 20,000 cute numbers. Users may fill out the contract online and pay relevant charges via the on-line banking. And then the China Unicom will take care of the rest things, including deliver the cards to its customer. During the trial period, China Unicom provided free card delivery as well.
Another good news is that via China Unicom’s Online Business Hall, users may not only pick up telephone numbers for themselves, but for friends and family members who are away in other cities as well. It is reported that there are a lot of white-collars who selected prepaid Ru Yi Tong cards via the web for their parents and had the cards delivered to the hands of their family members. To encourage users to buy cards and tariff packages online, China Unicom will carry out a gift dispatch program from April via its Online Business Hall. A user will get a 60-yuan worth of complimentary call charges once he successfully buys a number card online.
This new is from China mobile phone of China electronics manufacturer.

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