Mobile phone Manufacturers has been contacted with Unicom

       Yesterday (June 1, 2009), the letter of the Department of Electronic Information Zhao Bo, deputy director of the ” China’s first 3G terminal Financial Forum” said that China Unicom has put forward a UniPlus platform, and is prepared to the introduction of mobile phones UPhone. Not long before, China Mobile to join Google’s open handset alliance formation, the use of open Google Android platform source code to develop its own operating system based mobile phones OPhone the OMS.
       Zhao Bo said: “China Mobile has launched the OMS platform mobile phone manufacturer for domestic and international terminals in the OMS platform for enterprises have already developed and begun to OPhone handset market, based on the OMS platform for TD-SCDMA mobile phones will also be launched in the fourth quarter of this year the market. At the same time , China Unicom has UniPlus raised platform, ready to launch mobile phone UPhone. ”
       He said that the present mobile terminal has moved from a single voice communications services, providing data and the development of multimedia services, mobile Internet development. And as a result of weaker domestic IT companies do not have the autonomy to establish the strength of mobile terminal platform and infrastructure, led by the Chinese organizations, chip carriers, software and end-enterprises to participate in the development of independent intellectual property rights to build a platform to develop mobile terminal is a mobile Internet an effective way.
       Prior to this, the world’s first Chinese-led research and development of mobile phone operating system OPhone — O1 Lenovo officially launched for mobile phone industry experts and enthusiasts of the community to test, and its industry against the iPhone as China Mobile and other mature high-end mobile phones secret weapon.
       For UPhone Unicom launched mobile phones to be the case, the reporter from a well-known domestic mobile phone manufacturers to obtain confirmed. The manufacturers said they are on the phone’s pre-R & D and China Unicom contact area, but when will the prototype has not been determined.

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