Microsoft’s IE8 testers to give “installation kit”

       Thanks to the window of network delivery,in order to participate in testing IE8 browser user expressed his thanks to some Microsoft will soon present a set of test kits. It is worth mentioning that, this free tool kit and Microsoft have no relationship, just a screwdriver tool bag, hand clamp like the thought, in the demolition or assembly when the computer is still somewhat useful. At present, Microsoft has begun to contact them by e-mail recipient, the message reads as follows:
        “Thank you, Internet Explorer 8 for the technical testing efforts, your dedication this directly lead to the best products, we would like to thank you and assure you to provide a symbolic gifts - Internet Explorer 8 Workmate Toolkits, If you do not like this, please reply “I am grateful, but I do not need (Thanks, but no thanks)” .

        In addition, this also requires the recipient e-mail in Microsoft Connect to update their home address (Your Profile => My Home Address => Continue), to ensure the delivery of gifts to the accuracy.
       This news from China electronics manufacturer.

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