Lenovo released a full range of thin and light notebook computer products

         June 1, 2009, Lenovo officially announced the full range of thin and light notebook computer products, these products includes ideapad U350, as well as the ideapad S10-2, S12. And accompanied by the arrival of the age of the Internet, Lenovo has also put forward a “thinbook” concept, along with fashion design, user-friendly outdoor applications, and Internet connection always online solutions into the “thinbook” camp. Lenovo launched the full range of thin and light notebooks are the first Lenovo “thinbook” products, they have their own characteristics, comprehensive coverage of consumer and small and medium-sized users.

         “It’s not subject to space constraints, anytime, anywhere with the exchange, to maintain communication, which is inherent characteristic of notebook computers.” Lenovo senior vice president and president of Products Group idea Liujun said, “3G wireless broadband to universal, which makes the Internet more than a decade after the development, we entered the life of a real mobile Internet era. This era, not only represents a new way of life of the Internet and calling sound and comprehensive notebook computer application solutions outdoor appearance. Lenovo defined ‘thinbook’ , it is precisely because of the special needs of the times proposed. ”
        It is understood that the launch of Lenovo’s full range of thin and light notebooks full coverage of U, S, Y, V , the four series. Among them, both for white-collar crowd tailored thin U-series products, also for the students and the second purchase of the S series users access to build this product, as well as audio and video entertainment for consumers who pay attention to the design of the world’s most lightweight 16-inch Y-series notebook computers, and allows the user to worry about small and medium-sized office and entertainment, V Series laptop computers. Rich products, mobile Internet era to meet a variety of consumer groups on the demand for notebook computers.

         In these new, 13-inch ideapad U350 using Intel Core 2 Solo Ultra Low Voltage processor, with 17 millimeters, 1.6 kilograms of body, is the world’s most thin and light laptop (the same price in). He holds a battery with two choices for consumers, the standard 4-cell battery can achieve five hours standby time; and the large choice of 8-cell battery, you can achieve 10 hours of super-long standby time to meet the needs of the day’s work. In addition, its unique A-surface “light pattern for the” design, it could be you walking in the city’s unique “business card.” For outdoor applications, U350 also provides a smart sensor and the APS, such as hard drive protection system unique application design, it can be easily applied outdoor complex application environments. Its ultra-thin, always online also provides full network connectivity solutions, and support for three 3G Internet standards, that can carry a rich mobile Internet applications. Lenovo’s next-generation Internet, as the representative of this product, ideapad S10-2 and S12 provide consumers with another choice. One, Ideapad S12 is the world’s first graphics processing using NVIDIA ION platform for 12-inch Internet version of the Internet compared to the past, this product, it has a more powerful graphics capabilities, larger screen and full-size keyboard, a comprehensive upgrade of the performance and the use of comfort. The new upgrade ideapad S10-2, in the original feature-rich based on the Internet, but also increased the quick start and face recognition functions, Always Online to make your life more interesting.

        According to stakeholders, the association will also launch this year, several ultra-thin products, which will be leading the design, application and quality, a comprehensive mobile Internet era of the lead. Believe that in this era of mobile Internet, whether it is business or home users who think the whole series of thin and light notebook provides a complete solution that will allow users in China brought about by the idea of the wealth of products in fun, easy to enjoy the network, the future of the Imagination.

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