latent 4G is forestalled by China Mobile

          Experience is carried out in Hubei Province and commercial test will be in Shanghai in May next year


          Although 3G licenses were received just in January of this year by the three telecom operators, the layout of 4G has been in planning process. Recently, China Mobile launched 4G experience time-limited activities quietly in Hubei Province. Shanghai World Expo Park will hold China’s first commercial test of 4G networks in May next year.

         China Mobile forestalls the LTE technology, named “4G”. The theoretical speed of LTE, up to 170Mbps, is ten times faster than the fastest 3G technology which will leap wireless Internet technology again.

China Mobile hope an early moving into the 4G

         Recently China Mobile launched 4G experience time-limited activities quietly in Hubei Province. According to the confirm of Hubei Mobile customer service staff, the experience will be two weeks, until to 6th June in order to collect for the comments and suggestions from 4G user.
         In fact, the strategy of rapid evolution to 4G has been identified early by China Mobile, hoping to skip over 3G into the 4G era during tow or three years.    
LTE tech has been the winner

          Both the download rate of the LTE technologies and WiMAX technologies can be achieved 100Mbps in the mobile state, but LTE has been the world’s most mainstream towards 4G technology in fact.
For Chinese users, China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA, China Unicom’s WCDMA, China Telecom’s CDMA EV-DO will evolve to LTE eventually.

4G countries still need issue licenses
          Talking about the large-scale commercial of 4G is clearly too early when 3G has just started. China will invest about 400 billion yuan for 3G network construction to drive on the trillion yuan of social needs in the next 3 years according to the Ministry of Industry and Information.

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