Huawei Won Oscar of Invention

Recently, Huawei’s advanced Optix OSN 6800/OSN 3800 wavelength division multiplexer was recognized as one of the R&D 100 Awards by R&D Magazine. This award is widely recognized in the technology and innovation fields, and is dubbed as the “Oscars of Invention” by the Chicago Tribune and handed out by the editors of R&D Magazine that salute the 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace over the past year:

This product belongs to Huawei’s Storage Area Network (SAN) transport solution, which is mainly used for data backup and disaster recovery for enterprises and organizations. It can increase the amount of traffic carried on computer networks and enable operators to save costs on fiber. This product is approved by IBM for GDPS/STP applications and can provide DWDM for independent data channels using any protocol.

This news is from China Mobile phone of China electronics manufacturer.

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