Google’s take on e-mail security

          The computer security industry historically cerates war rooms literally by borrowing military defense concepts to combat digital threats. However, Google’s Postini e-mail security service provider unit is not the same.
          Instead, 3 billion messages are monitored by computerized systems per day. Before hitting the Internet flow in and out of customer systems and pass through Postini’s thousands of machines in data centers around the United States and in Europe. Highly automated, distributed, scalable and all of Google’s operations are the characteristic of Postini system.
         Separating from those of Postini, Google’s Gmail antispam efforts are predominance. Although Google have started to integrate the processes and it follows similar computerized operations, it acquired two years.
         Google offers a subscription-based service to more than 50,000 customer companies and organizations and more than 15 million business users, commercially pushing into e-mail security, represented Postini. Moreover Postini offers compliance and archiving services to protect e-mail from spam and viruses.
         This news is from China electronics manufacturer.

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