Google beefs up mobile search service in China

On 21st July 28, 2009 Google Inc, US search engine, which is the world’s largest search engine, said it would strengthen its mobile search service in China. This is the first strategic move since the company came under the Chinese government glare for providing links to pornographic sites.

Google Inc said it plans to aggressively promote its mobile search service, Google Map service as well as its Android wireless platform in the world’s largest mobile market, where cell phone users reached 687 million by May. It will upgrade its mobile search and Google Map service in China later this year.

Lee Kaifu, president of Google China, said in a press release, “China has huge wireless population. Our strategy is very clear, that is to make mobile search service to outpace our PC-based search service.”

After it was accused of providing links to pornographic content a month ago, Google’s announcement came. The government later ordered Google to shut down part of its service, including Google Suggest and Google Translate.

Edward Yu, president of domestic IT research firm Analysy’s International said “I think Google’s focus on mobile search is part of its effort to rebuild the brand in China.”

During the past one year, Google’s business has been on a rapid growth in China. And in the past few months, such as music search and spring festival map service have also been released.

But “The government move could significantly thwart its long-term development in the country, where domestic rival Baidu Inc dominates the market,” said by experts.

Google has launched its first advertising campaign in China’s big cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou for its mobile search service since last month.

This news is from China electronics manufacturer.

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