For growth Avaya looks to China

A senior company official said that US telecom and network equipment maker Avaya expects its sales in China to grow at a rate that is “several times its GDP growth” this year, banking on the country’s robust economy, especially its banking and insurance industries.
Avaya, which competes with Cisco, would also look at acquisition opportunities and would devote more resources to transportation, healthcare and telecom sectors to ramp up its business in the country.
John DiLullo, president of Avaya’s Asia Pacific operations said “For us, China is a growth area, one that we will continue to invest and expand. It is important in multidimensional ways. We not only count on it as sales engine but also see it as an innovation center thanks to the large pool of engineering talent here.”
The executive said “China’s robust economy, especially the healthy banking and insurance industries, major target customers, means Avaya would continue to see its business grow rapidly in the country.”
The company recently helped Vanke, one of the largest property developers in China, consolidate its communications infrastructure by centralizing and streamlining its communications across its 20 branches.
DiLullo said “We expect it to grow (at a rate that is) several times the GDP growth.”
Avaya, a global leader in enterprise communications systems, has already enlisted China’s top 10 banks and five insurance companies as its customers. But the company will devote more resources and pay more attention to sectors that are potentially lucrative and are receiving a large piece of investment out of the country’s 4-trillion-yuan stimulus package.
John Wang, head of Avaya’s China operations said “We are going to beef up our presence in the transportation, healthcare and telecom industries and provide them with more advanced solutions to cut costs and raise efficiency. We will continue to expand our headcount here this year as the business is dynamic.”
This news is from China electronics manufacturer.

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