Flash Drives with New Character and Taste

Why store your data on a boring USB stick when you can entrust it to Master Chief, Jack Sparrow, a piece of sushi, or a chocolate doughnut with sprinkles?

USB Drives With Character and Taste
Whether your thing is C-3PO, anime characters like Domo, or a tasty doughnut, there’s an entertaining USB drive out there for you. The premium you’ll pay for one of these novelty flash drives varies from nominal to outrageous. You’ll probably sacrifice some capacity, and the odd shapes of some of these drives might make for a tough fit in some USB ports. Need something bigger to store your data? Take a look at the following ones.

Get the game lover in your life their own personal Master Chief. Or maybe a Blue Spartan or a Red Spartan.

Pirates of the Caribbean
After seeing what Mimoco does with its drives, I feel like Disney has missed out on potential ways to render Jack Sparrow and his famous locks in the form of a plastic USB drive. But at least his image jazzes up this otherwise ordinary 512MB flash drive.

Mickey Mouse
Your Mickey ears could never do this. You pull off the knob-like ear on this flash memory drive to reveal the USB connector (the other ear has a loop, to serve as a keychain). A-Data’s Theme Series T703 Flash Drives aren’t new, but you can still buy them in capacities up to 8GB. As a bonus, you can put your own photo in the center of the drive, and it opens to reveal a miniature mirror.

Star Wars
Everyone needs a protocol droid in their pocket. Mimoco makes that possible with its lineup of Star Wars Mimobot flash drives, now in its third release. You can choose from a host of characters still for sale, including C-3PO, Darth Sidious, a royal guard, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Wicket the Ewok, and Luke Skywalker. (Regrettably, some others, like Boba Fett and R2-D2, are no longer available.) Most of the characters look cool, with great artwork on both the front and the back of the drive. As for myself, I’m torn, given the choice of a wide-eyed golden droid, an evil-looking Sith Lord, a smirky Solo, or the princess (she’s drawn to look bad-ass with a gun).

Star Wars isn’t the only niche among Mimoco’s offerings: High design is the central theme across the company’s entire line of USB flash drives. It has plenty of models with original designs, along with three versions of Domo, a small Japanese character with a huge following and a huge backstory. Domo is a brown monster whose fearsome jaw is ratcheted open, as if he’s perpetually ready to chomp.

these producst can purchase from China electronics manufacturer, kakatech.

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