Dell Released Android-based Mini 3 Smartphone

Dell recently released its Android-based Mini to enter the smartphone business.Dell said that the first two carriers to sell the Mini 3 will be China Mobile and Brazil’s Claro.

In China, the Mini 3 will use OPhone, China Mobile’s customized version of Google’s Android operating system. “We are excited for Dell to be among the first manufacturers to introduce new technology based on the OPhone platform,” an unnamed China Mobile representative said in Dell’s press release.

Dell would not offer any specifics about the software on the Brazilian phone, saying simply that “the initial Mini 3 smartphones are designed around the Android platform.”

Michael Tatelman, a Dell sales and marketing executive, told the Associated Press that the phone has a 3.5-inch high-definition touch screen. The Mini 3 sold in China won’t have Wi-Fi at the start, but Tatelman said that would come later.

“Our entry into the smartphone category is a logical extension of Dell’s consumer product evolution over the past two years,” Ron Garriques, president of the Dell Global Consumer Group, said in a statement. “We are developing smaller and smarter mobile products that enable our customers to take their Internet experience out of the home and do the things they want to do whenever and wherever they want.”


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