Converts Your Desktop into a 3D Room

Do you want to turn your flat, two-dimensional Windows desktop into a 3D “room”? BumpTop can help you. It can help you organize your desktop files and icons, however its fun and good-looking approach consumes a fair bit of system resources.

BumpTop will set you out with a few picture frames which can cycle through images pulled from a folder on your hard drive, or from an RSS feed from sites such as Flickr or Picasa Web. You’ll also get a few widgets that can upload a picture to your Facebook account when you toss it onto the widget’s icon, or start an e-mail with a flung file as an attachment.
You can spread your shortcuts and files out along the floor or four walls of BumpTop’s room, or have a little fun by grabbing one and flinging it so that it ‘bumps’ against another surface. You can have BumpTop automatically gather everything into 3-D stacks called piles based on their type, or the app can help organize your stuff by gathering it into piles that you create yourself by drawing a circle around multiple icons and files.
You can also search for a particular keyword among your desktop items, or sift through a slideshow of pictures in the room, grow or shrink a given icon to make it more or less obvious. Program windows will display normally, and if you stop BumpTop by right-clicking its icon in the system tray, you’ll see your regular Windows desktop.
It is fun to use BumpTop, and its piles could help organize an unruly desktop. But it uses a fair bit of memory-about 110MB on my medium-powered test laptop-to maintain its 3D display, and will also use a good amount of your CPU when you move items around.
this new is from China electronics.

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