China Mobile on TD mobile phones without WiFi: no need for such a rate

Background bad connection and billing solution
At present, China Telecom to implement a C + W’s 3G wireless Internet access, that is China Telecom’s 3G wireless network card with 3G customers can access, WiFi Internet access can also be used, while China Mobile has not seen similar action.
In this regard, China Mobile, a recent high-level meeting attended by the industry said, “did some of the domestic terminal, the computer and the Internet are equipped with the WIPI, in fact WAPI and WiFi is a thing, a foreign standard, a is the only domestic standards. But now the phone do not have too much of the application of the product. ”
He believes that one reason is that China’s land area is very large, large cities, while the WiFi or, WAPI, or, in fact, in China very, very small footprint.
Another reason is the more important problem of radio frequency, WiFi or the use of WAPI is an open frequency, no one who is used on the account, not like other standard, the state has been divided into what this band to the operators, which operators use. Because it is an open frequency, the user identification, including those related to the background connection and billing are still many complex issues are not well.
He said that China Mobile is also part of the region, in the hotel, the airport including the WIFI business hall had some coverage, but the use of observation according to our situation, the real effect is not very good.
“Why do we have studied for a long time, not as a necessary item WiFi added, because the need for added cost, the user may not be able to demand the formation of long-term sales,” he says.

Plus WiFi phone is a gimmick more
He said that in general abroad, WiFi is used to some hotels offer free services, such as Starbucks, as some hotels, airports, is the owner of the local convenience to its users, the scope is the use of local access. The operator is to provide full coverage of the communication, using WiFi, in fact, with the space outside the mobile phone adapter with cellular systems, there are a lot of difficulties.
WIFI phone increase this trend, he said, “I am not a strategic evaluation of what they are, I personally think that it is just a gimmick, the user is concerned, do not believe you can go to trial, WiFi coverage area in fact a very small” .

Cell phones do not need this rate
WiFi is a relatively fast rate, the user experience a profound, but the high-level China Mobile asked, “the need for the rate of mobile phones? Do you think that mobile phones need to rate how much is enough?”
He also said that “If other people want to add, we certainly will not object, but we planning to mention this is not because we do not have to this thing as something necessary, we believe that the hungry should be added, you must have a matching network coverage, and the certification and match the corresponding number of operations to the customer. We understand the needs of the customers that, although we hope that mobile phones can be faster, but if wireless bandwidth can be maintained on the 500K, 600K transfer rate, In fact the user’s perceived well enough. ”
He added that all operations in the current applications, including video, WiFi can not rely on the continued good form of user perception. At that time, you may be successful performances, such as in a business hall, exhibition hall on a WiFi coverage, it is easy, because the scope of 100 meters up a WiFi, and no one interfere with you; such as at home on a WIFI coverage difficult, you should be able to fast mobile Internet access. But in fact you have not asked him back is how you charge, how your business is linked, you go to a place outside of how much coverage? How time can not be covered with? These things is not a good solution, including billing issues.
However, he also said, “Of course we do not object to the manufacturers do. Like WiFi, we are not ready. If you are ready, we could be included in planning. Someone is willing to increase, you can add, but I do not ask you to increase.”

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