China and India to lead e-commerce

        The Asia-Pacific region was found to be an active one for online shopping, where 76% respondents said that they intend to make a purchase in the next 6 months, according to the study. It also highlighted the rise of shoppers in the fast-growing markets of China and India. “The rising population of upper-middle income urban elites is likely to boost the online shopping markets in China and India…underpinned by a paid pace of urbanization, robust economic expansion and rising spending power,” noted the study.
        The study shows China’s online shopping population to increase to 480 million by 2010. China’s Ministry of Commerce announced the drafting of two new regulations which award licenses and qualify online businesses as legal merchants to better regulate the online shopping phenomenon in the country. According to the study, 84% Asian online shoppers plan their shopping in advanced and conducted online research, and this number might be higher in more financially mature markets.
       This news is from China electronics manufacturer.

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