Analysys said the TD mobile phone sales 8000 in the first 3 months of 2009

       Morning News reported, during the year in order to achieve the goal of 10 million users, China Mobile 3G market pressures facing large. According to Analysys International, well-known market research agency, monitoring of the first quarter of this year, TD mobile phone sales of only 8000.
      Analysys International yesterday released “in 2009 Q1 quarter of China’s mobile terminal to monitor the market” data show that the first three months of this year, China’s domestic mobile phone sales totaled 35.648 million, 3.6 percent growth. GSM mobile phone sales nearly 32,780,000, CDMA mobile phone sales of 2.86 million, while the 3G phones only 8,000.

       It is understood that this figure includes the major stores, the agent package, as well as China Mobile’s own channels, not including the large number of Chinese mobile phone user-friendly as well as gift cards. In January this year, China Mobile ended the TD commercial trial, began to business community. May 26, letter, Deputy Minister of Public Works Lou international summit in the TD said, TD users total over 850,000. Public Works Department and given the objective of the letter is the development of 10 million users this year.

        Analysys International analyst Liu-Sheng Wang pointed out that a quarter did not show the effect of promotion. Main reasons: 3G charges unattractive, signal coverage is still a large number of blind spots, 3G business users lack the motivation to switch to other networks. In addition, the cell phone has little style is an important factor in high prices. “However, with China Mobile increased customization, I believe this situation will change very soon.” Liu-Sheng Wang believes that China’s TD this year is expected to more than seven million users. He said that the Internet and wireless this plane will be an important selling point. Since last month, the three major telecommunications operators significantly step up the pace to promote 3G.

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