ALCATEL OT-E800 special in 3G Area

Several contracts are signed between China Telecom and its four 3G handsets distributors with 31 terminal manufacturers. These contracts concerns purchasing four million units of 68 models of handsets on August 24. The main suppliers are ZTE, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Nokia, Huawei, Lenovo and TCL.
Among the 68 models, the ALCATEL OT-E800 is the only one handset equipped with QWERTY keyboard. The ALCATEL OT-E800 provides personalized customer needs in 3G application. 70% of Young people at the age of 15-25 years old use SMS, QQ and MSN for daily communication.So they are the biggest and the most active user group in handset market. Mobile phone represents a new life style to this segment. The ALCATEL OT-E800 is customized to fulfill this requirement with 5 available colors.
TCT CEO Dr. Charles YANG said, “The young people will become the pioneer in 3G market, because they are very open to new things and new technology. More importantly, the applications such as games, music, movie and SNS community will attract most of the young users. That’s a way to increase the ARPU and lead to more 3G data income. 3G phone with large screen and QWERTY keyboard mobile phone will create better user experience when accessing high-speed mobile network.”
This news is from China mobile phone of China electronics manufaturer.

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