About Wireless Technology

Wireless technology, as a method of data transport appears similar to wired technology. But the range of transmission is an issue for both wired and wireless technology. You can’t move your laptop 15 feet from the wall jack when depending on a 10-foot cable. Similarly, you can’t expect your in-home cordless phone to keep a connection five miles away from its receiver meanwhile when you go out for a jog.
However, you can move your laptop 15 feet away from the wall jack if you get either a 20-foot cable or a wireless connector of sufficient power; and you can go jogging five miles away from your house and still take calls if you get a cellular phone.
Moreover the methods of connection and ranges of service are available in wireless technology just the same as they do in wired technology. The range of cellular phones is less limited than that of home telephones with a wireless handset; the range of radio-wave, including microwave, transmissions is also less limited than that of infrared transmissions. Different types of wireless solutions can communicate ten feet, ten miles, or even with a satellite in orbit.

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