infrared mouse touch panel GSM-CDMA cellphone KK e91

Product Name: infrared mouse touch panel GSM-CDMA cellphone KK e91
Product ID: KK e91
MOQ: 100pcs
Product Introduce: dual GSM,qwerty,java,infrared mouse touch panel

China Mobile Phone Specification:

Key Specification about infrared mouse touch panel GSM-CDMA cellphone KK e91:
GSM +CDMA double mode
HTC Snap style
Infrared mouse touch panel
Dual sim dual standby
Qwerty mobile phone style design
MP3 and MP4 players
Camera 1.3mega with flashlight
FM radio
Bluetooth A2DP
Display: 2.4 QVGA Screen, 320*240
Operation frequency: two-band 900/1800mHz CDMA 800mhz

More Information about infrared mouse touch panel GSM-CDMA cellphone KK e91:

Hardware platform:MTK6225 + VIA CDMA 5.1  
Platform Features:GSM +CDMA double mode,G+G/Cslot,support CDMA data services  

  • 1. GSM + CDMA double mode;
  • 2. G+G/Cdouble card smart switch;
  • 3. 2.46″QVGAwide screen;
  • 4. compatible with infrared mouse designs;
  • 5. Compatible with the full keyboard design, maximum support 64 keys;
  • 6. 300,000 rear camera;
  • 7. support four-way dual-axis sensors, multimedia, radio, Bluetooth function;
  • 8. CDMA supports WAP / MMS / UTK / China Telecom custom specifications, supports 153kbps data transmission
wide-screen full keyboard:112.5*61.5*13.8(battery1400mAh)  


Supportband standard

GSM: 900/1800


GPRS functions: Support G card Class 12  

Camera module

Camera Position: Rear    
The number of camera head: 300,000    
Camera Type: CMOS    
Zoom / multiples: support Digital 4X  
Flash: No support    


Stereo Headphones: support    
RING: 64 chord    
Handsfree: Support    
Speaker Sound: Single Speaker,Ф20    

Storage / link

Nor + PSRAMset: 256 + 64Mbit


card: Support T-Flash card 1G  


MP3 play: support    
MPEG4 play: support    
MPEG4 Recording: support    


Keyboard type: Full keyboard is compatible with the design    
Beside key: no    
Button  LED: support    
LCDModule Configuration The main screen shape / color / type: TFT 260K 2.46″QVGA  wide screen
Main Screen Resolution: 240 * 320 QVGA
FPC link:  ■Bonding  □Board - board connectors  □FPCConnectors  □ZIF Connectors □ others
Headphone Configuration Interface Type:   □Side            ■Headphone jack    □othersStereo:     □no support        ■support
Charger Configuration ■Travel charger   □Charger (customer determined)
Software Platform:MTK6225 + VIA CDMA 5.1  
GPRS Function: G Card Support Class12  
WAP scan: Dual card support WAP2.0  
MMS: CDMA Card Support MMS1.2  
STK: Support    
UTK: Support    
Games: two


KeyLock Function: Support    
Auto-lock keypad: Support    
SMS phone deposit: 200    
Short Message: Master card supports 20 Bulk Users  
Single SMS deletion: Support    
SMS Remove All: Support    
Default Information: Support    
Information sort: Support    
Remove all phone records: Support    
Delete single call history: Support    
Timer-Power -: Support    
Timing off: Support    
clock: Support    
Clock off: Support    
Calendars: Support    
Calculator: Support    
Stopwatch: Support    
World Time: Support    
System Status Inquiry: Support    
Mobile Phonebook Capacity 1000PCS    
Ring format: mp3 mid amr    
Picture Format gif bmp jpg    
Photo ring download Support    
Bluetooth:: Voice calls (G network support)/ Data /mp3 Stereo  
Keyboard: Support    
Input: ABC/ Chinese stroke /ENGLISH/ Smart English /DIGITAL/ Handwriting    
Supported Languages: CHINESE, ENGLISH    
Note: The software features support for content depends on the capacity of the memory  
Structural parts configuration Individual TV rod antenna No support  
Machine structural model


Antenna: Built-in  
Headphones: Double-12PIN Interface Headset Common interface to a 12PIN
Cable: Double 12PIN Interface
Perforation sling: Support  
A mute button、Handsfree、Mobile QQ2009 (can use CDMA on the QQ)、Stock Software、FM、Voice、Calls to functions vested in the latest edition (No. 189,188 to recognize above)、JAVA/MRP、EBook、Dial-up rainbow colors large fonts for the font (the font color of dial-up levels may be the transition)

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