GPS mobile phone for kids KK Q9

GPS mobile phone for kids Q9

Product Name: GPS mobile phone for kids KK Q9
Product ID: KK Q9
MOQ: 1000pcs
Product Introduce: GPS, Kids mobile phone
Low RF, Characteristic Picture frame, two-band

China Mobile Phone Specification:
GPS mobile phone for kids KK Q9 is hot sale in Europe all over the world

Key Specification about GPS mobile phone for kids KK Q9:
GPS Position Tracking,Speedy Dialing,Smart Emergency Calling,Low RF,Puzzle games,Characteristic Picture frame

More Information about GPS mobile phone for kids KK Q9:
*.GSM900/1800 or GSM850/1900
*.Firewall protection:In the Operating Mode of Children, all strangers’ calling & SMS should be Stopped of receiving.
*.Air Monitoring: You can air-switch-on it to monitor what they are doing & where to go in case of the phone switched-off.
*.Restricted use in Class: A restricted use can be done in the periods of class to avoid interruption;
*.Smart Emergence Calling:In case of emergency, the children should press the SOS key to call those nearest 4 numbers pre-set in phone alternately.
*.Restriction for calling time:The legal guardians can set a time-limit for children to avoid too long talking & save the money.
*.Low RF & Smart Alert: A sharp light will alert you constantly when the RF signal in very high level and to choose your calling in lower level.
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