cheapest low-end CDMA mobile KK 168

Product Name: Cheapest CDMA mobile KK 168
Product ID: KK 168
MOQ: 3000pcs
Product Introduce: CDMA QSC6010

China Mobile Phone Specification:

more information of cheapest CDMA mobile KK 168:
Dimension : About 100mm×42.5mm×
Weight: About 69g
Screen display: 1.44inch 128×128
Card sort: UIM card
Using system: CDMA2000 1X 800MHz
Phone book capacity: 200pcs in the phone
Message capacity: 50pcs inbox、(outbox,50 pcs)、depending on the UIM card
Messages in the phone: 10 pcs
Calling record: Missed called、incoming called、outgoing call /20pcs
Incoming call vibration: support
Incoming call setting/alarm clock,rings setting: Ten kinds
Message ring setting: 6 kinds
Calling time: support
Fast dial-up: support
Date and time display: support
Alarm clock/calculator: support
Chinese/english display: support
receive/send chinese ,english message: support
Inner chinese: support
Games: support
Incoming number display: support
Call transfe: support
Call limit: support
Call waiting: support

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