Car GPS KK-NV628

Product Name: Car GPS KK-NV628
Product ID: KK-NV628
MOQ: 100pcs
Product Introduce: 4.3″ TFT touch screen, Samsung CPU
MP3 / MP4, E-book, blutooth, FM

Product Specification:

◆ Display: 4.3”TFT screen with 1677pixels, 480*272 resolution
◆ O/S: newest Microsoft WinCE 5.0 Core version operating system platform
◆ Built-in bluetooth module, support bluetooth function
◆ Built-in GPS chip, 20 channels, accurate and fast
◆ CPU: Centrality Atlas-III AT642D/372MHz
◆ Support FM Transmitter
◆ Bigger maps display area, support full screen play of 16:9 wide screen
◆ 350nit brightness, fine clear display
◆ Highly precise wearable touch screen, support writing by hand, spelling, stroke and other many inputting format

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