Wireless Extension System-Ultimate Entertainment Experience for iPhone


Wireless Extension System-Ultimate Entertainment Experience for iPhone

Product Name: Wireless Extension System-Ultimate Entertainment Experience for iPhone
Product ID: KK
MOQ: just 3000pcs for OEM
Product Introduce: Wireless Extension for iPhone
Ultimate Entertainment Experience for iPhone

China Electronics Specification:

Why limited by the small screens?
Enjoy your favorites on big screen for more fun!
Smart times, why bound by cables?
Wirelessly, More recreational experience!
Why stay in awkward pose when playing?
Protect eyesight and cervical spine!

Wireless Extension System-Ultimate Entertainment Experience for iPhone and nice for TV play games

iPhone brings a wealth of multi-functional experience: films, videos, pictures, photos, e-books, games, internet surfing, ebooks…
Thanks to its 3D gravity sensor, iPhone shows much better game experience than the professional game consoles, and loved by a large number of players. Tremendous amount of games make the players joyful without stop.
The only drawback is the screen is so small, so fingers may block part of the screen, the screen visual effect is poor when tilting, resulting in habitual wrong positioning of head and neck. But it is just very great as a game controller!

iPhone, the ultimate entertainment experience
With AirShow, no extra software, wirelessly, you can experience extreme entertainment and gaming pleasure with your iphone/ipad on TV, and of course, it does not delay your calls.

Operation Instructions
1. Brief Introduction
AirShow, a creative and well-designed product, can wirelessly stream audios and videos to other display devices with high-definition. Just connect the compact transmitter to smart handheld devices (iphone/ipad, ect.), and the wireless receiver to the TVs, projectors and other display devices, then you will see the real-time display of the handheld devices on the large screens;

Airshow was designed and manufactured with highly integrated, ultra-small image processing and dedicated noise reduction DSP chips, featured with microwave, micro-power, peer-to-peer broadband communications(FM + DSSS), real-time, stable and reliable;

Airshow is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iTouch, iPod and other equipment (other smart phones, see the corresponding model description). Suitable for audio and video playback, photo browsing and sharing, etc. Easily extended to support games, books, magazines, web browsing and other applications. Real-time projection of the handheld devices on the big screen TVs, projectors and other display devices.

Wireless Extension System-Ultimate Entertainment Experience for iPhone and nice for TV play games

2. Features
 Truly plug and play, without charging and connection, no configuration, simply stream music, videos and pictures on bigger screens;
 ISM band, low-power transmitter, powered by handheld devices, sustainable for several hours, easily support general entertainment applications;
 Ultra-small size, elegant design, harmoniously integrate with your devices;
 Sharp images, smooth videos, greater than DVD quality, just as good as your computer;
 Wireless high-fidelity stereo output, compatible with TV and stereo audio inputs;

3. Packaging list
Wireless transmitter Wireless receiver
AV Cable Mini USB power cord
User Manual

Wireless Extension System-Ultimate Entertainment Experience for iPhone and nice for TV play games

4. Installation
How to install:
 Connect one end of mini USB cord to the Apple charger and the other end into the IN socket of the 5V DC wireless receiver;
 Connect the yellow, white, red connectors of AV cable into the corresponding sockets in TVs/ projectors; connect the other end of AV cable into the AV output jack of the receiver. (AV cable yellow connector — TV Video Input; AV cable white, red connectors — TV audio left and right channel input);
 Tune TV to the corresponding AV input;
 Connect the wireless transmitter with the iPhone socket, real-time stream the contents to the big screen (games and other applications, see Extended Application Notes);

5. Notes:
 The effective transmission distance is 8 m – 12 m, depending on the environment;
 For better experience, please keep the end with antenna marker facing the user;
 Any wireless devices output will be affected by the interference, do not recommend using this product in strong electromagnetic interference area; the occasional image flashes may be caused by near frequency interference from other electrical appliances, not product failure. To ensure real-time synchronization when facing interference, the quality of images might be shortly compromised but still can work fluently;
 The Company supports IP protection, and the above should be considered as product manual only, and does not constitute any tendency towards the use of the product;
 Warning:
 Do not let the product damped; cannot be used in humid environment, like laundry room, bathroom, swimming pool, etc.;
 Do not dismantle the cover, otherwise it may damage the internal precision components and endanger the personal safety.

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