Win8 latest version Screenshot thorough exposure Metro optimization


Microsoft has announced Windows 8 RTM version will be completed by the first week of August, and now there are less than a half months, Windows 8 development has also entered the final sprint stage. Recently, foreign media exposure of the latest screenshots of Windows 8 RTM branch, we can take a look at What’s new in Windows 8.

First Windows 8 Build 8 518 of the window color and appearance options, Microsoft removed the an option the June Win8 version, this option allows the user to select different colors for the taskbar and window borders. In other words, the latest version of the color of the taskbar and window borders to be consistent.
IE10 will be selected by the user in a personalized color change, labels and buttons to redesign its brand Logo more Metro.
Windows 8 final version of the splash screen, perhaps in the future you do not often see, because Windows 8 starts really fast.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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