Will HTC+Google Bring Chrome OS Tablet To CES 2010

It has been reported that HTC was working on a new tablet PC that will be debuted at CES 2010. Multiple versions of the tablet have been predicted.

With the Nexus One going up against the iPhone and this HTC tablet competing with the iSlate, 2010 could be the year Google and Apple really take the gloves off. Google has apparently been working closely with HTC for the last 18 months on this project. From the sound of it, this tablet isn’t just an HTC gadget that happens to run a Google OS, it’s a major Google project.

Gizmodo, however, doesn’t envision a Google V Apple showdown. It’s more likely that Google’s tablet will be a streamlined, browsing-centered machine, much like the CrunchPad was originally designed to be. Such a product would definitely be much more up Google’s avenue, but that doesn’t mean they still aren’t tailoring this it to compete with the iSlate.

CES 2010 will start on the 7th of January 2010 and lasts until the 10th. Luckily, we can check it out soonly.

This news is from China electronics manufacturer.

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