Will be sold with Apple keep pace with RIM or BlackBerry business


Worked with Apple to keep pace with the BlackBerry, experienced layoffs of twists and turns of the restructuring, has recently been split reorganization rumors hit.

From the British media reported that the BlackBerry maker RIM is considering the business into two mobile phone manufacturing business, or sell, or separate listing. According to speculation, Amazon and Facebook are the potential buyers. RIM in China yesterday, this could not comment.
Just last week, the company announced the start of a new round of layoffs, the goal is to reduce the expenditure of $ 1 billion before the end of this fiscal, but has not been announced layoffs.
In fact, since last year, the company will expand the self-help. Five years ago, BlackBerry and Apple iPhone popular in North America, BlackBerry is known for high-end business image seen by others, even the U.S. President Barack Obama fans. However, Apple and Andrews offensive, blackberries growing trend micro, proud of the push mail function can also be competitors to flourish. A quarter on the company’s loss of $ 125 million on revenue of five consecutive quarterly decline, stock prices have been hovering at the bottom.
Wang Ying, an analyst with Analysys, pointed out that the BlackBerry is losing the favor of the government and enterprises. In addition to hardware devices significantly lags behind its competitors, the RIM’s own strategic frequent mistakes, such as too much emphasis on the operating system, but ignored the application software. At the same time, the BlackBerry security and stability have been repeatedly questioned and challenged.
Of course, correlation analysis pointed out that the BlackBerry platform is still the most secure mobile platform, with a firm fans. A new generation of BlackBerry 10 upcoming, current information indicates that the first BlackBerry phone with full touch screen. As there are comments said, almost no company like RIM in urgent need of a revolution.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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