Thousand dollars get the inventory of three popular new definition of smart phones


Now, nowadays popular three Unicom, a new definition of the thousands of intelligent machines – the music PhoneA65 Lenovo, A750, the A780. The three phones are the first series which China Unicom depth combined this year, the full participation of China Unicom’s preferential purchase.

lenovo smart phone
Lenovo music PhoneA65: the interpretation of stable and excellent life, the rich application of snares which
Lenovo music PhoneA65 has a sleek design and smooth lines, and overall body together with the metal bright side wallets alone significantly phone dynamic fashion taste. Configuration, the phone is equipped with a 800MHz high-speed frequency, superior performance, even though a variety of programs running at the same time can easily smooth. 1500mAh large capacity battery, strong endurance to ensure that users always enjoy intelligent operating experience. In the video, the Lenovo music PhoneA65support VP8 and WebM video and audio formats of AAC, ARM.
Lenovo the the music PhoneA750: interpretation of the classic atmospheric style, strong power to make bloom
Lenovo music PhoneA750, designed in the shape called Lenovo is another classic, tough chic lines highlight the noble temperament. SMS font scaling function is one of the highlights the fingertips reverse slide showed the best percentage of SMS interface, enlarge the SMS font to meet the more age the needs of customers. Especially, the Legend Music stores will be massive with the application identified by the “music” to be downloaded to the phone, and instantly have the extraordinary experience of the intelligent.
Lenovo the music PhoneA780: the vogue slim style, the ultimate safe and enjoy intelligent
As a fashion tide, Lenovo music PhoneA780, 4.0-inch high-definition big screen and support multi-touch screen display exquisite clear, unique happiness Clover page with your fingertips to achieve multi-screen switching. Strong 1GHz high frequency CPU, with4Gb of large capacity storage, start the application or watch high-definition video can step ahead.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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