This year Tablet PC sales worldwide will be billions of units


According to market research firm IDC expects the new features of Apple’s new iPad and the decision Apple further down the price of iPad 2 will push its market share growth, while the market share of Google Android Tablet PC will be squeezed. At the same time, Microsoft yesterday officially launched its own brand Surface Tablet PC to test the water market.

With the rapid development of the tablet PC market, IDC expects the global market this year, Tablet PC sales will reach 107.4 million units, 106.1 million units higher than the previous forecast, and this growth momentum will continue. Apple iPad and Android are the main competitors in this market, others are a large number of cottage brand. IDC predicts that the end of this year, Apple iPad Tablet PC will occupy the global market share of 62.5%, 58.2% higher than last year. Google Android Tablet PC share will be squeezed to 36.5%, 38.7% lower than last year.
However, in the case of multi-join the race, it is hard to say whether the pattern of the tablet PC market will continue to remain. In addition to Microsoft, has been regarded as the Apple’s biggest rival, Google is also expected to be released the independent research and development Tablet PC this month. Google has been provided free of charge to the hardware vendors and developers of the Android operating system, although the scale of the rapidly growing but also led to the fragmentation of the platform, its profits were far less than Apple. The Google decided to launch its own tablet PC is also intended to solve this problem.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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