Thinner and intelligent Nokia the Lumia PureView new machine will be released


The Nokia 808PureView upcoming with unsurpassed photographic effect, but are equipped with the system and the relatively large volume became the two major defects of the machine. Therefore, when developing the new machine, Nokia designers ready to spend some effort to consider in light and thin, the introduction of thinner of the Lumia series PureView smartphone. According to reports, the upcoming PureView new machine will be thinner, but also equipped with high-end Carl Zeiss lens.

Push thinner PureView machine
Nokia 808 PureView has a 41 million pixel camera and the photographic effect is comparable to the ordinary card camera, but close to the body thickness of 14 mm and a weight of 169 g, for some people, it seems difficult to accept, is so the bloated body is then copied to the Windows Phone system models the field may be difficult to get user acceptance. In the development of new PureView models, Nokia is ready to conduct a comprehensive “downsizing”. Based on the Nokia Saipan products marketing director Vesa Jutila saying in an interview, the future PureView new machine will be more slim, and the same with Carl Zeiss lens.
However, Nokia’s next generation camera sensor is successfully tested, but according to Vesa Jutila, its specifications may not necessarily be 41 million-pixel camera sensor
Nokia 808 Lumia PureView

WP8 system + PureView, Technology
The Nokia executives did not disclose the details of the more new PureView, but according to the rumors, Nokia ready to join in the new Windows Phone system phone PureView technology, so that the phone there will be unusual in the image function performance. Only the specifications of the camera, this new machine and not a Nokia 808 as to shock the world, but will use the image sensor of the Nokia N8, this may mean that this the Lumia series PureView phone may be equipped with a 12 million pixel camera.
Hong Kong Website BLOGJACK also quoted sources that disclosed in Nokia Windows Phone 8 mobile phone touch screen resolution will support WXGA size (1280 x 768 pixels), and will be equipped with Xiao Long S4, Qualcomm MSM8960 dual-core processors, expected to Nokia world Congress held in September this year, the official release.
Nokia 808 Lumia PureView

NFC-enabled photo sharing
For the Nokia 808 PureView on sale soon, the Nokia product marketing director revealed that the more different the new features, such as the user photographs a machine NFC near field communication and other mobile phone sharing, and even can also connect transmission and other NFC-enabled mobile phone. However, due Nokia 808 PureView of camera pixels up to 41 million pixels, the size of the photo is usually 10MB or so, so that transmission may take some time.
In order to expand the practical application of NFC-enabled phone, Nokia is trying to cooperation and MasterCard and Visa both companies strive to be the mobile payment services into its own products, which can bring convenience to the user as well as enhance their own to attract force.
The arrangement according to Nokia’s official the Nokia 808PureView will at the end of this month the first to market in India and Russia, excluding taxes and subsidies, the market price of the phone for 450 euros, or about 3575 yuan. In addition, the domestic licensed version of the aircraft’s already got a network license, landing the domestic market is expected around June.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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