The news that a new generation of iPhone will become thinner


Listed in the new iPad licensed in Mainland China, the news about the next generation iPhone has turned out – this time, the highlight remains on the screen. From the Wall Street Journal reported recently, the face of competition from Samsung and other manufacturers, Apple is growing scientific and technological performance of the product, the next generation iPhone will use new technology to screen thinner.

The newspaper quoted an informed source as saying, Sharp Corporation of Japan and Japan Display Corporation (Japan Display), and South Korea’s LG Display are currently using a so-called “embedded” (in-cell) technology for next-generation iPhone volume production panel. Japanese display company has just set up, composed of three Japanese electronics manufacturers to monitor production department.
Hiroshi Hayase, an analyst at market research firm Display Search, said the new technology touch sensors integrated into the LCD monitor, so no need to add a separate touch screen layer. The thickness of the touch screen is generally about half a millimeter thinner to remove this layer of the touch screen is not only the entire screen, the image quality will be improved.
The new technology also helps Apple to streamline the supply chain and cut costs, because using this technology, Apple will no longer need from different vendors to purchase the touch-screen panel and liquid crystal display panel.
View of Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S III has a 4.8 inches screen, thinner than the iPhone 4S, “embedded” (in-cell) technology on the significance of Apple’s self-evident.
If the next generation iPhone is thinner screen, can make the body more slim, you can also leave more space to other parts of the batteries, etc.. Embedded in touch screen is difficult to produce than traditional LCD screens. Informed sources said that the LCD manufacturers in the efforts to achieve a high yield process, its production process is very challenging, but also very time-consuming.
For Sharp, the Japanese display and LG Display LCD panel maker, Apple iPhone, to enable them to be able to demonstrate the latest technological advances, that the LCD screen can continue the evolution of the OLED display to remain competitive. At the same time, Sharp, Japan monitors and LG Display have been developing OLED display.
Previously had news that the next generation iPhone is expected to be released sometime in the fall, even once the printing identified as August 7.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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