The New York Times: Apple iTunes advantage to enter the mobile payment


June 12, according to foreign media reports, the Apple iPhone might one day replace the credit card to complete the payment, and if this day had finally arrived, Apple should be grateful to its online music service.

Monday, on the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple CEO Tim Cook (Timothy Cook), revealed deep the iTunes Store, Apple’s online music store, many impressive statistics. The most shocking data, there are 400 million active accounts on the iTunes Store, these accounts are connected with the user’s credit card. This means that Apple iOS devices can these credit card connection.
Google and other companies have been trying to get consumers to complete the payment using a mobile phone instead of cash or credit card, consumer fee interest, a main reason is to establish a connection between smart phones and credit cards is a difficult task. If the consumer in order to use Google wallet (Google Wallet) service must initially enter a few head of digital, as well as their home address and other information. This is not a small obstacle for consumers to use the service.
However, if Apple decided to enter the mobile payment business – the company has applied for patents, this possibility is very great – it’s easier for consumers to accept its mobile payment service.
In fact, Apple already has a prototype of mobile payment services.
Once someone visit the iTunes Store downloads or online play music with the iPhone, its iPhone will automatically establish a connection with the iTunes account, including credit card and payment information. The company’s mobile payment, the need to solve a problem is how to make the connection with the iTunes account credit card to complete the payment.
Apple may soon be this attempt. The Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has released a new IOS application Passbook seems that people can know how Apple mobile payment in advance. Passbook for users to store in a corner on the phone boarding passes, coupons and movie tickets, and other information.
Passbook not actually process credit card transactions, but once Apple decided to establish a connection with the user’s iTunes account, it can easily be replaced by the user wallet or purse, credit card.

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