The investment opportunities of smart phone industry chain appear


Last week, the Apple Corp announced a new iPad in July 20th, listed in mainland China, formal sale prices from 3688yuan to 6288 yuan. IPhone was listed on the panic buying boom unforgettable, the new iPad will lift upsurge? Insiders said, because of the new iPad from release to the listed time is too long, I hope early Fresh Apple fans have bought the smuggled goods version, it is expected that the new iPad is difficult to reproduce queue panic buying craze, Apple shares the concept of short-term difficult to have outstanding performance, but from the second half of the year, mobile terminal industry especially in intelligent mobile phone investment opportunity appear.

Intelligent mobile phone market with huge space
Mobile terminal development is rapid in recent years, especially in intelligent mobile phone shipments fast growth. According to the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute published data shows, first half of the overall intelligent mobile phone shipments amounted to 94855000, accounted for the mobile phone market volume48.66%. More notably, since the beginning of the second quarter, intelligent mobile phone shipments more is the three consecutive month more than functional machine, the market share of more than 50%, the just-concluded June market share as high as 56.9%.
Foreign investment firm Needham & Company released industry quarterly report also shows, the second quarter, China intelligent mobile phone shipments rose164%, to33100000, over the same period the United States intelligence mobile phone market25000000shipments. Voted in Securities pointed out that, without considering the intelligent mobile phone update requirements and permeability for continued ascension, global feature phone into full replacement intelligent mobile phone will still exist4000000000increments, a huge market space.
The second half of the year on four big industry
Intelligent mobile phone industry chain involving child industry and numerous listing Corporation, which is worth paying attention? The reporter interviewed many researcher. Shanghai Securities researcher says, first half of the year1000 Yuan intelligent machine is lower than expected, the second half of the volume, but the intelligent mobile phone as the mobile terminal, especially in the low-end smartphone has entered into the melee phase,1000 Yuan intelligent machine may fall in income does not increase profit situation. She said, with the end of the 3 quarter at the beginning of the 4 quarter, iPhone5and iPad Mini release in the fourth quarter, apple shipped performance is worth looking forward to, the apple industry chain is actually at the end of the second quarter and third quarter bulk supply, the Related Companies ‘s second half performance will be expected to have excellent performance, investors can focus on apple industry chain in Related Companies optical crystal, DESAY battery, GoerTek acoustics.
Beijing Securities researcher said, the next year the intelligent mobile phone industry will still high speed development, investors can focus on the following four industry : the first is the touch screen, can be of concern company mainly ou FeiGuang, LEYBOLD Gaoke, long letter of science and technology, ultrasonic electronic; second is the connector, can be of concern company mainly precision, surplus precision; third is the electro-acoustic devices, can be of concern company mainly GoerTek acoustics, amounting to electro-acoustic; fourth is the battery, the main company is DESAY battery. According to statistics, intelligent mobile phone industry chain Related Companies performance center daily news has bigger growth, such as the GoerTek acoustic increases 60% to 90%, and70% to90% by Angie, ou FeiGuang projected profit85000000 yuan ~9000yuan, precision increases about 30%.
Part stock high valuation
The intelligent mobile phone industry prospects for the future, one of the northern Securities researcher said, although in recent years the intelligent mobile phone industry high speed development, but the potential risk is also increased, the future if the smart mobile phone shipments speed drops, or some sub-sectors of capacity expansion too fast, do not rule out some sub-sectors such as touch screen capacity appears superfluous, price fall, corporate profitability, LED industry is a lesson. Shanghai, a private sun researcher Wang Wenxing said, now part of intelligent mobile phone concept stocks rise high, stock prices have a certain bubble, such as GoerTek acoustics, Angie technology, investors should pay attention to avoiding some valuation varieties of short-term callback risk.

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