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This week listed the new machine a lot of them to HTC the most eye-catching, its “One Series” and “new desire series” models almost all the listed this week on sale, and as “One Series” midrange-type the HTC One S is the paramount concern. Below, I will take you to review next week the mobile phone market has highlights.

This week, the most talked about mobile phones: Dell D43
Dell D43 is a listing soon configure a powerful smart phone, cool 4.3 big screen with high resolution, high contrast fine display, with a strong hardware configuration 100G cloud storage, run the program is very smooth , so this high-performance mobile phones to develop their full edge, there are already more and more people are concerned about this phone, so much attention, due to the price of the aircraft this week has been officially below the 3K mark.
Dell D43

This week price cut the largest mobile phone: HTC Sensation XE
HTC quad-core flagship One X-listed HTC Sensation XE is all HTC ‘s flagship high-end mobile phone, One, X-listed HTC Sensation XE is not only to the king of the position, but prices continue to decline. Last week, the purchase of the aircraft was maintained at 2900 RMB, only a week’s time, the aircraft’s latest offer has fallen to 2450 RMB, the overall large drop of 450 RMB, the price reductions is quite violent.
HTC Sensation XE

This week the latest listing of mobile phone: HTC One S
Say that this week the latest listing of models who most attention, it must be non-flagship models of the HTC One series (3) One S-none other. One, the HTC S officially arrive on Thursday to sell the aircraft positioned in the mid-market, lower than the One X configuration, but should be much higher than the One, V configuration. Given a new machine listed the latest offer for 3180 RMB, already want at the price of today’s aircraft below the 3K mark, quite eye-catching performance, and friends interested in the future focus.
Revision market today, many popular models have appeared in obvious decline, while the absolute most attention yesterday listed Android phone HTC One S-aircraft yesterday, listing the first offer for 3180 RMB, and again today to the goods, the price for the first time, down to $ 3099, I believe that over time, this configuration a powerful phone in the future there will be more outstanding performance.
The HTC One, S
The HTC S-One, using the popular touch straight shape, body thickness of only 7.95 mm, the front is equipped with a 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 960 × 540 pixels, clear display. The aircraft is equipped with the Android OS 4.0 operating system, add a lot of functions, and is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 dual-core processor, clocked at up to 1.5GHz, the performance is extremely powerful. In addition, it also built an 8 million pixel mainstream camera, support 1080P video capture, very well.
 HTC One S

This week Customized mobile phone: Nokia 800C
Customized mobile phones as China’s most important to Nokia, Nokia 800C has been very minds. This machine not only stylish, configuration tough, but also very suitable for people to customize services. Aircraft offer the official website has been relatively stable 3599 after even if the price cut is not obvious. However, the latest offer at the dealer today, Nokia 800C actually reported a 2880 ultra low-cost, attractive price I believe its higher popularity.
Nokia 800C-in-one modeling and N9 has a great similarity, anyway, as a whole is as slim and stylish. Aircraft a positive one 3.7-inch capacitive touch screen has a 480×800 pixel resolution WVGA-level, supported by a good display. Built-in which it is equipped with a smart operating system, Windows Phone 7, behind the eight million pixel camera with a Carl Zeiss certification, whether it is for everyday use or entertainment operations have a good performance

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