The Haier Jin-Zing phone released equipped with Ali cloud OS


Tencent digital hearing in Beijing June 6, 2012, in accordance with the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the beginning of summer has passed a whole month, and sooner or later, Beijing still cool very hot. Today, Haier Group, and Ali Baba Ali cloud in Beijing held a press conference to launch Haier’s first cloud smartphone “Jin-Zing”, at the same time the summer version of Ali cloud OS will appearance.

According to the introduction of the Alibaba Group’s chief architect, Dr. Wang Jian, president of Ali cloud, Ali cloud will not do phone hardware will be used for mobile phone manufacturers free to use. And Ali cloud only cloud system, and a year in spring, summer, autumn, winter and four versions of the update, which means that each quarter to launch a new version. During this conference, Ali cloud OS 2012 version of the official release, the new multi-function desktop configuration, the new cloud market, while increasing the application of more news, shopping, games and life services. Synchronization in the cloud space, Ali cloud OS 2012 summer edition contains information, contacts, notes and pictures, you can override the user’s daily use of the data. In addition, the update of the biggest update is that a unified account with Alipay account to get through to enjoy cloud services and mobile payment.

haier ali cloud os phone

Following the day after the words, Haier become the second mobile phone manufacturers which Ali cloud OS cooperate with in domestic, cloud smartphone “Jin-Zing” W718 launched in the conference. The W718 phone is a product have the function of the three defenses, and field staff to show us a demo to take pictures in the water, and also can upload photos to the cloud, and watch through the the Haier Smart TV or computer. The phone has a 1GHz processor, 4 inches 480 * 800 screen, with a 5 million pixel camera has a four color version for users to choose the listing price of 999 yuan. It is understood that the Haier W718 mobile phone would be sold in the market in the June 15, interested friends can purchase the book online and offline channels in two ways.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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