the 6 main features of the iPhone 5 design: users can expect


May 18, according to the eWeek website published the article said that Apple’s iPhone 5 will be available later this year. When this phone is listed, it will have to attract ready to upgrade the various characteristics of the new mobile phone users. The following is the text of the article:

Apple’s iPhone 5 is likely to be listed in the next few months. According to the latest rumors, this phone may be listed in a market this summer, has begun to decline because of the orders of the 4S and the iPhone of Apple’s iphone. If this is the case, Apple will launch iPhone 5 in the next month’s Worldwide Developers Conference.
According to some rumors, this phone is launched, users can look forward to many new features. It is reported that the larger display to 4G connectivity, all in the production. iPhone 5 may be the best cell phone ever launched by Apple. Although the iPhone 4S and products compared to upgrade a lesser extent, the iPhone may be entirely new generation of popular mobile phones.
Nevertheless, the iPhone 5 will increase the new features of this phone is like the earlier models did to mobile phone users was impressed by is still a problem. In short, all due to new features. Here is the iPhone 5 is likely to have 10 new features:
A larger display
According to the Wall Street Journal and many other reports said Apple iPhone will be configured to 4-inch display. This means that the display will be more than the Apple iPhone 4S is currently configured 3.5-inch screen, which makes this phone more competitive. Competitors are trying to use more than 4.3 inches bigger screen attract buyers.
2.NFC technology
Apple will be the iPhone is expected to bring NFC (Near Field Communication) function. This is indisputable is that the most attractive of all the new features. This feature will allow users to use their smart phone to pay, and has the potential to expand the iPhone’s capabilities outside the field of mobile payments. However, taking into account the NFC in the market a large number of applications, who knows whether Apple will change some things?
The Siri- applications. Improved
Siri voice control function should be used in the iPhone 4S launched last year that phones. However, since then, Apple has been improving this application, Siri platform has been beta. iPhone 5 launch is expected to be a new and improved Siri is.
4 the iOS 6
Apple every time launched a new iPhone will launch a new version of the iOS mobile operating system. This time, Apple is expected to launch iOS 6 operating system. the iOS 6 It is said that there are many improved features to improve office efficiency and better manage the problem. This is iOS increase of a good feature.
(5) attention to design
In addition, Apple will give the iPhone is a new design. In the past few years, Apple has been providing a nominal upgrade, so many people want to know what the iPhone 5 is not a major upgrade of the product. According to the latest rumors, it seems that this is the case. Expected that the iPhone 5 will have a beautiful new design.
6 4G
Apple has proven it is willing to support the new iPad 4G LTE technology, so that Apple will provide the same ultra-high-speed connection to the iPhone 5. After all, the 4G LTE mobile wireless future. Apple likes to walk in front of (or at least is close to walking in the front).

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