Siri speak Chinese i-FLYTEK language point of no pressure.


Has been seen iFLYTEK language point called the “Chinese version of Siri is” finally ushered in the Chinese Siri is. SAN FRANCISCO, June 12 at 1 am, the Apple WWDC conference held to release the IOS and the number of hardware and software products. Which, Siri support the Chinese should be the focus of China’s most prominent.

After the release of the support the Chinese of Siri, the industry will have eyes on i-FLYTEK i-FLYTEK language point. Think Sir, said the Chinese Siri i-FLYTEK overall performance impact is very small, Chinese Siri contrary, will help the country i is bound to be the sworn enemy of the i-FLYTEK language point, someone is worried about i-FLYTEK language point would be eroded by Siri It was also resistance Siri is i-FLYTEK advice. In this regard, the Jin and Yuan Securities analyst Qiu Hong, the popularity of the telephone interview with reporters voice technology.
The IOS release, Apple developers pay online update. Subsequently, the Chinese Siri test demo video after another outflow. As can be seen in the video from the current test Siri, Siri is the Chinese language support in English not supported as perfect. Users generally expressed Siri is the synthesis of Chinese sound blunt, no feelings, the statement punctuate jerky, can not distinguish between more than one pronunciation and Chinese, In addition, many statements have not received the English version of the quiz system, resulting in many cases Siri will crash situation.
After reading the section of the test video of the Chinese Siri,, i-FLYTEK vice president Jiang Tao said: “many of my friends care about language points and siri how PK, i-FLYTEK confidence? Do not see the Chinese siri specific products, inconvenient to our evaluation of this product. know siri the voice technology is who provided information to fly in the competition of Chinese products of this company, i-FLYTEK product basically has played a significant advantage. “This shows that, Siri speak Chinese and did not affect i-FLYTEK voice products forward confidence.
However, the current the Siri Chinese system is in the testing phase, the news that will be held in October this year, together with the new generation of iPhone officially released. We look forward to the fall season, Siri can bring us a surprise, but also look forward to the “Siri is” – i-FLYTEK language points to a more perfect.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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