Samsung Google against Apple, Nexus l Andrews 4.1


Before Samsung GALAXY Nexus feature violated Apple’s patents due to the built-in Quick Search Box (quick search box), and making it was banned in the United States. To make the the GALAXY Nexus re-opened for sale in the U.S. market, Samsung and Google or the phone system upgrade to Android 4.1 once again urge the ban decision of the court to recover the aircraft.

Prior to this, Samsung went to the court of appeals, but the court still did not change the lock-up decision. Recently, ABC has brought the news that, after the emergency communication between Samsung and Google to find a program to solve the problem, the latest jelly beans Android 4.1 system can solve the problem of violation of Apple patent. So if the GALAXY Nexus factory equipped with the Android 4.1 system, or the situation to avoid being banned.
There are other news, Google insiders also confirmed that they are indeed discussions with Samsung, how to join forces against Apple and Samsung patent war.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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