Samsung & Apple patent litigation president level peace talks: involving 20 cases in 10 countries


Apple want to prohibit the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smart phones sold in the U.S.
Into 2012, more and more by the impact of similar products with the iPhone patent dispute between Apple and Samsung is also intensified. Yesterday, the news from across the Atlantic, Apple has applied for by the California court issued a preliminary injunction to prohibit the sale of Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone on the grounds that the device infringed Apple’s four patents.

In the past year, Apple has launched a number of lawsuits against Samsung and other Android device manufacturers. Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the latest lawsuit, Apple using the latest version of the Android operating system “ice cream sandwich, so far iPhone encountered the strongest opponents, pose a serious threat to Apple’s market share.
Samsung vs Apple patent

German courts to resolve patent disputes between Apple and Samsung
March 3 – According to Reuters, foreign media reported on Friday a German court to resolve the two cases of dispute between Apple and Samsung. Part of the reason causing the dispute is due to the two companies in order to compete in their respective field of smart phones and tablet PCs in the global market dominance.
It is understood that a District Court in Mannheim, Germany, Apple and Samsung, the prosecution made a judgment. Apple said that Samsung infringed on the slide lock technology, but Samsung says that Apple infringed a patent.
Samsung counterclaim Apple’s invasion of its eight patents the two sides settled out of court more difficult
April 20, 2012 – According to the U.S. science and technology Web site CNET reported for February of this year Apple in California sued Samsung patent infringement, Samsung denied and filed a counterclaim, saying that Apple has eight patented technologies constitute infringement.
In February this year, Apple accused Samsung of its eight patented technologies constitute a violation of, and request the Court issued a preliminary injunction to prohibit the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone sales in the U.S. market. The allegation of patent infringement against Apple, Samsung filed a suit on Wednesday in Northern California District Court, counterclaim Apple has eight patented technologies constitute infringement.
Apple Samsung to reduce the volume of patent infringement demands
May 9, Apple and Samsung a significant reduction in both sides and nothing to fall back in California, the number of patent infringement.
On Monday, Apple said it will reduce the number of patents Samsung litigation reduced by nearly half. Meanwhile, Samsung has agreed to reduce the 12 patent litigation 5. By reducing the number of patent litigation, the two companies hope to in the hearing on July 30.
Due to the reduction of the number of the patents in suit, it can reduce the litigation scale. For example, Samsung will be charged reduced from 75 to 15, reduced by nearly 80%. As a result, the case is more suitable for a judge and jury trial

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