Reported that the iPad and Android in the U.S. flat panel market matched


According to foreign media reports, the U.S. network distributors Association (Online Publishers Association, hereinafter referred to as “OPA”) latest research report released Monday shows that in 2011 Apple iPad and Google (microblogging) Android Tablet PC penetration in the U.S. consumer72% and 32% this year were 52% and 51%, respectively, both have “matched”. The main reason is the Amazon Kindle Fire hot, and promote the growth of the Android tablet PC market share.

The OPA study also showed that the amount of time for U.S. consumers to use the Tablet PC also showed a trend of rapid growth. U.S. consumers average weekly use of the Tablet PC for 13.9 hours, and 74% of users every day. On the other hand, the Tablet PC-based premium content and advertising business model has to be initially established.
OPA is expected that the end of next year, the Tablet PC in the U.S. market penetration will reach a “tipping point”: in 2013, estimated 47 percent of U.S. consumers will have the Tablet PC, much higher than 11% in 2011. As a comparison, Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, after nearly five years, the majority of U.S. consumers to have a smart phone.
Sumsung galaxy SIII
OPA president Pam Holland (Pam Horan,) said in a statement: “Taking into account listed on the Tablet PC more than two years, while the OPA research showed that the content distributors in the Tablet PC market with huge business opportunities: consumers are willing to pay for original content. ”
The Kindle Fire is the U.S. market is the most popular Android tablet computer. With other manufacturers launch Android Tablet PC is more amendments to the Amazon on the Kindle Fire Android system. The Kindle Fire in the tablet PC market share of 28% for the corresponding market share of Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC more than twice. The Kindle Fire U.S. market share close to the Apple iPad, and much higher than the corresponding share of the new iPad.
The OPA survey of U.S. consumer Tablet PC habits. The report shows that 94% of the Tablet PC to access content and information, of which 61% through paid access to content. 67% users use the Tablet PC to the Internet, 66 percent use the Tablet PC to send and receive e-mail; 54% of users use the Tablet PC to watch the video, 49% of users to view weather information, only 37% of users browse through the Tablet PC U.S. national news.
The OPA report also shows that, in the process of content consumption, the application of the Tablet PC to play an important role: 70% will be retained and often at least half of the applications. Tablet PC users this year for the purchase of application spending will increase to $ 2.6 billion, $ 1.4 billion higher than in 2011.
These results, also the OPA for the second consecutive year, the conclusion of related investigations. The OPA’s survey of 2540 U.S. Internet users, aged between 8 to 64 years, the investigation period is from March 19 to 26 this year.
The OPA report also investigated the Tablet PC users to watch ads: 38% of users that see the ads on the Tablet PC, have had the experience to purchase products. Last year’s average, each tablet computer users shopping after watching the ad spending of $ 359. 29% of users that see the ads, it will search for the product-related information; 23% will click on the ads and get more relevant content.
However, what advertisers are more concerned about is: higher enthusiasm what Tablet PC users regard to advertising, whether the click of curiosity, or concern for a long time down? Industry pointed out that the traditional Internet advertising click-through rate each year downward trend, the reason is that Internet users have become accustomed to these ads, and then will “turn a blind eye to these ads.
It is reported that Samsung, everything about the Galaxy S III technology and patents are the highest level of confidentiality. Samsung is not only set up a Galaxy S III development team, and also established a separate laboratory for the development of the phone, the development team members must swipe through fingerprint verification before entering the laboratory, and other employees has no right to enter. Due to the high level of confidentiality of the Galaxy S III, even if you want to prototype to carry across the hall, the employees have to put it in a safe, to prevent people outside the development team to see.
Confidential work of the Galaxy S III is also a lot of inconvenience for the team development process, because engineers are not allowed to send a picture or sketch to others, they communicate with the purchasing department to rely on language to describe; Samsung has also developed three prototypeto prevent all the details of the Galaxy S III was leaked, which greatly increased the workload of the engineers.
Samsung chief engineer, Byung Joon, Lee said, or even like Spy Game movie, like the family to lie: “My son this year, Grade 6. He knew that I had developed GALAXY S and GALAXY, S II, so he thinks I also develop GALAXY, S. III. every time he saw online GALAXY, S-III of the message, he would ask, ‘Dad, are you in the development of GALAXY, S III?’ but I can only say, ‘I really do not know’this is really embarrassing. ”

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