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The first official Guardian App is now available from the App Store. Designed by an in-house team and built by 2ergo, the unique news app for iPhone and iPod touch will showcase news, comment, features, photo galleries and audio from through a range of features that can be personalised to each user. The app also enables the user to effortlessly browse the latest content most relevant to them, even offline.

Despite charging for the app, the Guardian’s website and mobile platform will remain free.

The app will offer news, comment, features, audio and photos but currently no video.

Writing in his blog about the application, The Guardian’s mobile product manager Jonathon Moore answered criticism of the decision to charge for it.

“At an early stage we decided to set the bar high, which hopefully means the app has been planned, designed, tested and developed to offer a truly engaging experience,” he said.

“The investment involved in this requires us to ask a small fee in return,” he said.

Martin Garner, director of mobile internet at research firm CCS Insight sees the app as an “experiment”.

“The app provides a better user experience but there are still a lot of substitutes online and via other mobile platforms,” he said.

“We will probably see a lot of people move to a more charged-for model over the next few years but whether users will pay or not remains to be seen,” he said.

Apart from readers being able to customise the app and personalise the home screen, its design ensures fast access to such as Charlie Brooker or Polly Toynbee.

“What we are finding is that people find content in a different way from their web approach,” said Moore. “It was our intention to open up the archive, and the initial reaction seems quite positive about the application being an enhancement to the Guardian web experience.

“But it is a version 1.0 and we have some exciting plans. So we will be listening very closely to what our readers will think of it.”

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