Qwerty GSM-CDMA mobile phone KK A200

qwerty GSM+CDMA mobile phone

Product Name: Qwerty GSM-CDMA mobile phone KK A200
Product ID: KK A200
MOQ: 1000pcs
Product Introduce: GSM + CDMA, qwerty, dual mode

China Mobile Phone Specification:
GSM+CDMA 2 sim qwerty mobile phone is hot sell in Indonesia and Middle East

Key Specifications about Qwerty GSM-CDMA mobile phone KK A200:
QWERTY design style
GSM-CDMA mobile
MP3 and MP4 players
Camera 1.3mega with flashlight
FM radio
Bluetooth A2DP
Display: 2.0 inch QCIF high resolution wide screen
Operation frequency: two-band 900/1800mHz,CDMA 800mHz

More Information about Qwerty GSM-CDMA mobile phone KK A200:
Structure of ultra-thin full keyboard Candybar
Dimension 108 * 57 * 13.7 mm
NOKIA 900mAh battery capacity
Network Frequency GSM 900/1800mhz, CDMA 800mhz
GPRS Class 10 support
Display 2.0 “QCIF horizontal screen
Camera, dual cameras (0.3M +0.3 M)
Multimedia format support MP3, MP4, MIDI, WAV
A2DP Bluetooth support
T card external memory support
U disk function Support USB1.1
Keypad backlight white
FM support
Motion sensing support for Motion Sensor (four-way UI, rejection rejection screen song)
Top PIFA antenna antenna
Full keyboard support

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