quad-band TV on mobile phone KK-626

Product Name: quad-band TV on mobile phone KK-626
Product ID: KK-626
MOQ: 100pcs
Product Introduce: dual card standby, two camera,TV
mp3, mp4, FM, bluetooth, quad-band

Product Specification:

Whole Configuration:
1, Shape straight
2, Flatform MT6225+MT6302
3, Size 110*49*12.5mm
4, LCD+touch screen 2.4″/2.6″LCD
5, Camera 2pcs 0.3M(SET),interpolation 1.0M
6, Keyboard 23pcs
7, Keyboard apheliotropism LED(white) compatible colorful keyboard(red,yellow,blue)
8, Speaker 1*speaker 20*20
9, Antenna inside

Mainboard Configuration:
1, Frequency quad-band:GSM850/900/DCS1800/1900
2, GRRS support
3, PA TQM4003
4, Analogue TV support TLG1100,support FM
5, Memory configuration 128+32Flash
6, Mp3 support
7, MPEG4 support
8, Inside memory card T-flash
9, Bluetooth support
10, 3D driving accelerated sensor support
11, Handwriting pen support

Accessories Configuration:
1, Stereo Earphone system USB
2, Battery
3, Charger support Same as NOKIA
4, System USB use Mini 5pin USB
5, Cable support 5PIN USB

1, Input method support foreign languages hand writing-English,French,Russia,Portuguese,Thai,Turkey,Spanish,Arab,Vietnam and other 15 foreign languages
2, Character size 16*16
3, Language Engish,Simplified Form,Tradtional chinese,India,Russian,Vietnam ,Arab and so on
4, Telephone book 500
5, Message 300+SIM
6, WAP Teleca
7, GPRS support
8, Alarm of power-off support
9, Net Camera support
10, Digital Video support
11, Picture and Ringtone download support
12, Mp3 ringtone support 2-5pcs,according room
13, Record support
14, IP dialling support
15, Handfree support
16, STK increment service
17, Game 3pcs
18, Calling record received/dialed/missed every 20pcs
19, Setting ringtone,volume,screen saver,greeting text,auto-power on or power off,contrast and so on
20, Tools Calculator,World time,Calendar,Multi-alarm,Note,Voice record and so on
21, Talking Service Multi-talking,Talked Waiting,Calling Keeping,Calling Transfer,Calling Limited,Calling Switched
22, Innervation Menu support
23, Manual enlarge,reduce picture and photo support,as Iphone
24, Shake display next message support
25, Shake sieve game support
26, Bluetooth Mouse support
27, Weather Report support
28, Auto-hint function when power on by caller support
29, Auto-across display,write message support
30, Scan picture support
31, Listen FM by bluetooth support

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