Overwhelming: smart phone industry sword easy road?


The development of the smart phone industry and contains the broad market prospects,that China’s enterprises eager, especially during this time, the Internet companies have set foot in the momentum of the smart phone industry is the most violent. After millet, Ali,Baidu, Shanda, 360 have joined the war situation of the Chinese smartphone market. I thought that many enterprises will increase the

competitiveness of the Chinese smart phone industry, and give users more and better choice, but the focus of recent media and industry attention to see competition in the smart phone industry in China with the Internet companies entry seems to be overwhelming and the sword easy road too. The most typical manifestation is the war of words, especially millet and 360 is staggering.
In fact, the war of words has always been a hype way home in the Chinese enterprises,especially for Chinese Internet companies, due to their own Internet resources and user base (including the so-called Army of water), in this regard is had been rather less. For example, the Internet companies get together smart phones, millet and 360 spat played exhilaration. The two sides to the so-called performance and price as a selling point, words you come to me, in fact, mutual derogatory, dark touted rally, but the actual situation is, millet since to enter the field of smart phone sales just to break one million, while the so-called 360 phone (or zero profit mobile) is not yet officially listed, that the two sides are not absolute qualifications and strength of the attacked each other, even more worrying is that, even in war of words, the two sides seems to have no war to the point. How come?
I see both sides a war of words the content point of view, the main focus on the smartphone’s hardware configuration and price, for example, who used high-pass, or Media Tek processor, whose lower prices, while from these millet in the war of words “youth” or 360 special for your mobile phone, in addition to the name cause people to a trace of concern, it seems difficult to have other real selling point to attract users, and that the two companies in addition to saliva war, what is left?
But the current focus and the development trend of the global smart phone industry (including related companies), it has freed itself from the competition of a simple hardware configuration, the focus shifted to the common user experience to improve. According to related statistics, the current smartphone users, in addition to text messages and phone, camera, video, music is the most commonly used user and affect their critical experience good or bad for the entire smart phone. This new release of the recent Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One series, Lumia, Nokia, Lenovo’s Music Phone(Music Phone700 long standby) series such as smart phones, both stressed the users are most concerned about the experience of the functions (such as pictures, music , video, ultra-long standby, etc.) is evident. Unfortunately, millet and 360 intense debate, it seems no one has mentioned.
I really hard to assert that China’s Internet companies involved in the field of smart phone exactly how many sure of success and advantages, but the only highlight the overwhelming hype and expansion momentum, the outside world looks “beautiful”, but at the same time also been increasingly questioned. And every time when the war of words reached its peak, from the industry reshuffle and the pattern of remodeling it far. Enterprise win is by no means rely on war of words to win the business, but those concerned with user experience, intentions to do the enterprise of products, from this perspective, compared with China’s Internet companies, in addition to those on well-known mobile phone manufacturer specializing in the , the author is more optimistic about the potential and prospects of the traditional IT companies in the smart phone industry in China.

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